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Cooler Box Series


21QT Cooler bucket/Ice bucket

21 QT
Ice Time:
3.5 Day
4.9 kg
Bars, KTVs, cafes and other places;
High-performance Cooler Bucket can keep cold for 84 hours, the use of one-piece rotomolding process production, safe and environmentally friendly.
External dimension:
435 * 435 *415 mm
Internal dimension:
432*432*409 mm
Color, capacity, style can be customized according to demand (samples/drawings), can be labeled, OEM/ODM, etc.;
Number of views:

Product Details:

21QT cooler Barrel is a wonderful High-performance Roto-molded Cooler keep ice for more than 48 hours and features heavy-duty, seamless, one-piece construction that is virtually unbreakable and built to last. 

It is very practical in everyday life,Applicable to:

1. Entertainment: bar, KTV, coffee shop.

2.Outdoor leisure places: gardens, parks, swimming pools, beaches, tourist attractions, public squares.

3.Exhibition venues: press conferences, shopping malls, hotels, wedding ,party.

Product Feature:

1.Cold resistant and heat-resistant.

2.Durable: Having good impact resistance,It’s not easy to break up when hit and health to use.

3.Seamless: Seamless is one of the most important consideration When you are choosing the Cooler Box. Excellent Seamless is the necessary condition for storaging food.

4.Inviroment Protected: Adopting the LLDPE material, non-toxic and tasteless, UV resistent and not easy to fade.

5.PE thckness: 2.5mm, High strength, good thoughness and long service life.


Product Advantage:

1.No power supply, with high heat insulation, constant temperature effect of the mobile thermal insulation box.

2.good impact resistance, not afraid of lost touch, and the long-term storage of ice.

3. It is very practical in everyday life.

4.The bottom is equipped with rubber anti slip wheel, which is non-toxic, tasteless, UV resistant and easy to discolor. It is easy to clean and has good insulation effect. It can be used for life.

Design Philosophy:

1. High tech environmental protection materials, through food grade certification.

2. It is easy to clean.

3. The structure design of the cover protruding platform can prevent the dust accumulation surface and easy to clean.

4. The unique sealing structure and high quality silicone sealing strip are designed, and the heat preservation effect is good.

Ice bucket
Cooler bucket
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Features of Cooler Box

Polymer Advantage

Focus on Cooler Box for 30 years


Focus on cooler Box for 30 years

Since the early 1990s, it has focused on the R & D, production and sales of incubators for more than 30 years;

Large production scale


Large production scale

Three major production bases at home and abroad (Xianning, Hubei, Zhongshan, Guangdong and Cambodia), with a total scale of 150000 square meters and more than 500 employees;

Complete equipment


Complete equipment

It has complete production equipment in the plastic industry, including more than 100 rolls, injection molding machines and blow molding machines;

One stop supporting services from the source manufacturer


One stop supporting services from the source manufacturer

The source factory provides one-stop service for customers' needs, and we will be committed to becoming your trusted partner;

Support customization, OEM and ODM services


Support customization, OEM and ODM services

Numerous OEM and ODM customization cooperation cases of domestic and foreign incubator brands;

Perfect pre-sales and after-sales service


Perfect pre-sales and after-sales service

We have professional pre-sales and after-sales service teams in the industry to provide customers with timely, thoughtful and considerate services;

Customized production process

Cooperative customers

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