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  • 2024 Year

    ▶Different brands of injection molding Coolers have been put into production and delivered, and the capacity of rotoplastic, injection molding, blow molding coolers has been further improved.

  • 2023 Year

    ▶Increase injection molding equipment and staffing in the factory to further enhance the capacity of injection molding products.

  • 2022 Year

    ▶Polymer keeps on moving forward without forgetting the original intention;
    ▶Polymer Hubei Xianning Company and Cambodia Company introduced injection molding and blow molding cooler box production equipment.

  • 2022 Year

    ▶Polymer China operation headquarters moved to Xianning, Hubei.

  • 2020 Year

    ▶Cambodia Polymer was established.

  • 2017 Year

    ▶ Polymer won the 2016 Science and Technology Innovation Contribution Award of Zhongshan City;
    ▶ Sales exceeded 100 million yuan;
    ▶ Establishment of Hubei Polymer Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Hubei Branch due to investment attraction of Polymer.

  • 2015 Year

    ▶ Polymer has passed the GB/T19001-2008 ISO9001:2008 quality and quantity system certification;
    ▶ Polymer has obtained 9 patents, many others for cooler box products;

  • 2014 Year

    ▶Polymer moved to Zhongshan and established Zhongshan Polymer Plastic Technology Co.Ltd.

  • 2002 Year

    ▶ Construction of the first production line of Polymer was completed and put into operation;
    ▶ Polymer changed its name to Zhuhai Polymer Plastic Products Co.Ltd.

  • 1990 Year

    ▶Zhuhai Polymer special-shaped plastic Co., Ltd. was established, and Polymer brand was born;

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